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San Luis Obispo County, California



Volunteers play a valuable role in Animal Services operations by walking and grooming dogs, socializing cats, providing adoption counseling, assisting pet owners in finding lost animals, and giving assistance in finding homes for lost, found, abandoned, or unwanted animals. Volunteers also photograph animals in the shelter for the web page, coordinate adopt-a-pet events, provide assistance with clerical work, and offer foster care for animals waiting for adoption.

We always need and appreciate new volunteers! Animal Services has numerous opportunities for anyone 18 years of age or older to volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering or want more information, call (805) 781-4413 or email

How To Get Started

Volunteers at SLO County Animal Services are trained and organized to provide a better quality of life for the animals during their stay at the Shelter and to aid in the adoption process of the animals that are left homeless by their owners.

In order to accomplish our goals, in a safe and effective manner, we provide 3 - 4 hours of training. This training is focused on safety, advanced dog and cat handling methods, giving volunteers the abilities to help make the dogs and cats more adoptable.

If you would like to join the corps of dedicated men and women who volunteer at Animal Services, follow the outline below:

Step One: Download the Application - PDF file, fill it out and returned it to Animal Services in person or by mail to PO BOX 4110, SLO, CA 93406.

Step Two: You will be contacted by email when enough applications are received to establish an orientation presentation

Step Three: Attend the scheduled Orientation (about 60 minutes)

Step Four: Attend the scheduled Shelter Introduction (about 90 minutes) and DOG-1 or CAT-1 Training (about 2 hours).

Step Five: You will be assigned to a shift coordinator to start your service.