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San Luis Obispo County, California

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County Ordinances

The Animal Services Division is responsible for regulation and enforcement of animal related laws in all areas of the County of San Luis Obispo. California State Law addresses numerous issues ranging from rabies control to animal cruelty to the regulation of pet stores. These laws are applicable to both incorporated and unincorporated communities throughout the state. Additionally, each city is governed by their own municipal code and the unincorporated communities are governed by Title 9 of the County Code. While the county and city codes are relatively similar, there are some minor variations. Issues related to housing requirements and the number or type of animals which can be kept in any given area may also be subject to regulation under county or municipal planning codes. Refer to the links below for the codes affecting your specific area.
California State Law Search
San Luis Obispo County Code – Title 9
San Luis Obispo County Planning - Title 22 Land Use
San Luis Obispo County Planning - Title 23 Coastal Zones
City of Arroyo Grande – Title 6
City of Atascadero – Title 4, Chapter 1
City of Grover Beach – Article III, Chapter 5
City of Morro Bay – Title 7
City of Paso Robles – Title 8
City of Pismo Beach – Title 6
City of San Luis Obispo – Title 6