Meet Our Team

The following individuals are a part of the County Administrative Office team. Call (805) 781-5011 to reach any of our team members. 

Guy Savage - Assistant County Administrative Officer

Tessa Cornejo - Administrative Services Officer, Assistant to CAO & ACAO

Juliane Hendricks - Administrative Assistant

Emily Jackson - Budget Director

Trevor Keith - Division Manager

David Grim - Administrative Analyst
Budget Oversight: Facilities Management, Maintenance Projects, Capital Projects, Waste Management, Public Works, Veterans Services, Parks & Recreation, Airports

Lisa Howe - Administrative Analyst
Budget Oversight: Planning & Building, Assessor, AG Commissioner, Information Technology, Human Resources, Libraries

Zola Moore-Stansbury - Administrative Analyst Aide
Budget Oversight: Board of Supervisors, Administrative Office, Grand Jury, Organizational Development, Wildlife and Grazing, Fish and Game

Geoff O'Quest - Administrative Analyst
Budget Oversight: District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff, Probation, Fire, Court Operations

Nikki Schmidt - Administrative Analyst
Budget Oversight: Farm Advisor, Auditor-Controller, Treasurer/Tax-Collector/Public Administrator, Clerk-Recorder, County Counsel, Child Support Services, Contributions to Outside Agencies, Non-Departmental Other Expenditures, Community Projects, Emergency Services, Central Services, Fleet

Morgan Torell - Administrative Analyst
Budget Oversight: Social Services, Foster Care, CALWORKS, General Assistance, Animal Services, Behavioral Health, Driving Under the Influence,Public Health, Law Enforcement Medical Care, MISP, Emergency Medical Services

Whitney Szentesi - Communications Analyst
Responsible for public relations, communications, social media, annual report, National County Government Month, County identity standards