Central Coast Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CCCFL)

Laboratory Manager

Robert Q. Swift


The Central Coast Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CCCFL) is a collaborative effort with our local law enforcement agencies to combat the ever increasing and complex cybercrime threat in our County.  With a state of the art facility, the Cyber Forensic Laboratory provides the highest quality of forensic expertise in the collection, preservation and analysis of digitally stored electronic evidence in criminal cases.

Realizing that cybercrime is constantly evolving, the CCCFL was created with a “task force” style approach so that all local law enforcement agencies can benefit from the resources available for cybercrime investigations.  Experience has shown that high technology crime is not specific to any jurisdiction or agency and because of this law enforcement partners in the CCCFL are leading a focused, coordinated and collaborative effort to combat the increasing frequency and intensity of high technology crime in all of San Luis Obispo County.

The CCCFL is under the direction of the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s Office – Bureau of Investigations.