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Name Description Type Action
Keep-Food-and-Water-Safe-After-a-Disaster-or-Emergency Keep Food and Water Safe After a Disaster or Emergency File Download
SLO-Boil-Water-Order-For-Restaurants-and-Bars-2016 Boil Water Order For Restaurants and Bars File Download
SLO-Procedures-for-Food-Facilities-In-the-Event-of-a-Major-Disaster-or-emergency-2016 SLO Procedures for Food Facilities in the Event of a Major Disaster or Emergency 2016 File Download
SLO-Modified-Health-Permit-Agreement-Operating-During-a-Boil-Water-Order-2016 SLO Modified Health Permit Agreement Operating During a Boil Water Order 2016 File Download
SLO-Information-Regarding-Water-Outages-Restaurant-and-Bars-2016 SLO Information Regarding Water Outages Restaurant and Bars 2016 File Download
SLO-Food-Safety-Related-to-Power-Outages-2016 SLO Food Safety Related to Power Outages 2016 File Download
SLO-Fire-Recovery-For-Food-Operators-2016 SLO Fire Recovery for Food Operators 2016 File Download
SLO-Fire-Recovery-for-Food-Operations-Damaged-Food-2016 SLO Fire Recovery for Food Operations Damaged Food 2016 File Download
SLO-Fire-Recovery-Disposal-of-Spoiled-Food-2016 SLO Fire Recovery Disposal of Spoiled Food 2016 File Download
SLO-Emergency-Shelters-and-Mass-Feeding-Centers-2016 SLO Emergency Shelters and Mass Feeding Centers 2016 File Download