Clipart of community clean up
Clipart of community clean up

Coming Soon - Nipomo Community Clean Up Day

Author: Department of Planning & Building
Date: 5/15/2018 11:50:29 AM

Nipomo Community Clean Up Day is Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 9 AM until closing in the parking lot at 170 Frontage Road. Local organizations are invited to participate!

As part of the Neighborhood Preservation Program, we help facilitate neighborhood cleanups, encouraging community support for the program. Staff assists the community in identifying a scope of work, budget, and fundraising opportunities for the cleanup. Over the years, these cleanups have removed several hundred junk cars, thousands of tons of scrap metal, old furniture, and other garbage from several communities throughout the county.

The next event is the Nipomo Community Clean Up Day on Saturday, June 16, 2018. The event begins at 9 AM and goes until collections bins are full. The event will take place in the parking lot at 170 Frontage Road (next to Domino's and Little Jocko's).

Collection bins will be available for furniture, scrap metals, and mattresses. Volunteers will also be organizing receipt of large appliances for recycling. Miner's will be facilitating collection of old paints.

Vehicles will be collected for abatement and donation, based on a completed pre-registration form and completed DMV clearance forms. Pre-registration IS REQUIRED for all vehicles because there is limited off-site pick up of vehicles available. For availability of off-site pick up, please contact County Code Enforcement by calling (805) 788-2959.

Volunteer opportunities are available for local organizations! If you are the leader of a local organization, please contact for more information.

Sponsors include: Nipomo Rotary, Nipomo Lions, Nipomo Boy Scouts, Olde Towne Association, Key Club, Leos Club

Check out the event flyer for printing and distribution! This Nipomo Clean Up guide has contact information for the event and answers to frequently asked questions.