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San Luis Obispo County, California


Rental Information



Veteran's Hall reservations are made on a first come, first served basis:

  • Veteran's organizations are given booking priority by being able to reserve the Hall two (2) years in advance.   
    In addition, we allow Veteran's organizations two (2) free uses of the Hall per month.
  • All others can reserve the Hall one (1) year in advance.  Reservations must be made at least 1 month in advance of the event. 
    Reservation requests can be made by completing the Vets Hall Reservation Request Form or by calling [805] 781-5900.
  • Photos of the available rental spaces can be viewed at the Vets Hall Photo Gallery.
  • General Funded County Departments are entitled to two (2) free uses a month for County related business only. 
  • Non-General Funded Departments and County Departments wishing to hold non-County business related events
    such as retirements or office parties (or any event with alcohol) must pay the Non-Profit rate. 
  • Paid customers have booking priority over County departments. 
  • County Departments must use the Vets Hall County Department Reservation Request Eform available on the County's internal network to reserve the space.
Spaces available for rental
To see pictures visit the Vets Hall Photo Gallery.

Price per 

Price  Per  Hour*

Square Footage

or Dining

Capacity: Retail Sales  

Top Floor (Main Hall/Right Wing & Lounge)

Top Floor rental is required for Wedding Receptions, Quincea├▒eras,  events over 100 people, or any event with music and/or amplified sound.  A $1000 Security Deposit, General Liability Insurance including Liquor Liability, and a minimum of 2 security guards are required for most large events.  Other requirements may apply.  Call for details.

 $1400  $280  



Main Hall/Right Wing

Required for events over 50 people.  The main hall includes a 900 sq. ft. stage and a large pull down screen.  In some special cases the Main Hall and Right Wing can be rented separately, but they are normally rented as one space.  53 8'x3' White Plastic tables and 22 60" Round tables are available.  222 Cloth chairs, 140 Black Plastic chairs and 27 Silver padded chairs are available.

 $1100  $220 5,708  350  150


For events under 50 people with minimal food & beverage service.  The Lounge includes a kitchenette with a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and commercial coffee maker.  There are 4 Couches and 4 Coffee Tables already set up. 

 $300  $60  1,095  50  35


Commercial size kitchen has a large stove, refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker, and dish washer.  There is no ice machine.  There are no utensils or dinnerware available, you or your caterer must bring your own. An outdoor BBQ area is nearby the kitchen and an outdoor staircase from the kitchen gives access to the Main Hall/Right Wing.

 $250  $50      

Other Fees
A $9 non-refundable transaction fee is applicable to all rentals.  Most reservations also require a refundable cleaning deposit. Large events or events with food or alcohol require additional fees or permits such as General & Liquor Liability Insurance for the event and a requirement to hire Security Guards from a County-approved list of security companies.  Additional permitting and fees may be required depending on the event.

*Non-Profits get a reduced rate with proof of 501c3 status

To make or inquire about a reservation please call [805] 781-5900 or complete the Vets Hall Request Form. 

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