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Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

  The following documents explain the requirements for construction and demolition site recycling. A Recycling Plan must be approved by the Building Department before it issues a permit.  


We strongly recommend you read #1, the "Cal Green Recycling Requirements" and #2, the "Steps to Complete Recycling Plans" so you are aware of the requirements for recycling and the PENALTIES for not recycling.  The list of certified facilities is included in both #1 and #2




If you have received a 'Waste Management Correction' from the Building Department, the forms referenced in the correction are here. You can pick between # 3, the "Simplified Recycling Plan" form, and # 4, the "Detailed Recycling Plan and Disposal Report" form. Please be aware of the facilities you are selecting for recycling and disposal if you use the Simplified Recycling Plan.

If you are constructing a metal building or purchasing a manufactured home, you may be eligible for an exemption from the recycling requirement. Look over #5, the "Recycling Goal Reduction/Exemption Request" form. If you think there are other circumstances that make your project exempt, complete #5 and submit it for consideration. FYI: in the 6 years of this program's implementation only 2 construction projects have received a reduced recycling goal and only metal buildings and manufactured homes have received exemptions. Projects receiving a recycling exemption must still pay the Recycling and Waste Compliance Review fee.

If you need information about local recycling facilities, look over #6; it may not have everyone listed, but you should be able to find a recycler for most of your waste materials. At no time should you use the regularly scheduled waste collection services by the local garbage companies for your construction or demolition waste because you will not be able to provide the complete documentation required for final approval. You will only have the garbage company's bill, not a receipt from a facility indicating how much material was recycled and disposed. You risk being penalized for not providing the required documentation.


Submit receipts from the waste and recycling facilities you used. You do not need to fill out a form but you do need to tell us what the PERMIT NUMBER is for your project. You can fax, email, mail, or drop off the receipts. Fax: 805-788-2414, Email:; Mail or drop off to Solid Waste Coordinator Public Works Department County Government Center, Room 207 San Luis Obispo CA 93408. Anticipate when you want your final building inspection because recycling sign off can take up to 7 days and the Building Inspector will NOT sign off the project without the recycling being cleared first.


If you have questions about this program, please call Barry Tolle in the Building Department at 805-781-5628.    

1) "Cal Green" Recycling Requirements for Construction Sites

2)  Steps to Complete Recycling Plans for Construction and Demolition Projects

3)  Simplified Recycling Plan  (Fill it out - Print it - Submit it)


5)  Recycling Goal Reduction/Exemption Request form

6)  Construction Material Recyclers and Facilities