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San Luis Obispo County, California


Drainage and Flood Hazard

There are many reasons that the Public Works Department may be reviewing your building permit for drainage/flood hazard.

The following is a list of criteria, that determine if your application will require drainage review:

• Does the project have slopes of 10% or greater?
• Is the project located in a flood hazard area?
• Is the project located in an area which has historically experienced flooding, such as: Los Osos, Nipomo or Cambria?
• Is the project a commercial or industrial development?
• Does the project have potential for erosion problems?

When your building permit application is received by the, Development Services Division we will make a determination if a drainage/flood hazard review is needed. The current estimated fee for this review is (see fee list), payable to the County Public Works Department. The fee must be paid prior to issuance of your building permit.