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San Luis Obispo County, California


Garbage Services

Garbage Service

How do I get garbage service?

Contact your local garbage company area guide
and ask for service.

South County Sanitary Services 489-4246
Atascadero Waste Alternatives 466-3636
Mission Country Disposal 528-7430
San Miguel Garbage 467-9283
Morro Bay Garbage 528-7430
Paso Robles Waste Disposal 238-2381
Paso Robles Country Disposal 238-2385
San Luis Garbage 543-0875
Mid-State Solid Waste & Recycling 434-3408

Where is the landfill and how much does it cost?

Our county has three landfills--

Dumping fees depend on what and how much material you are dumping. For an average size pick up truckload without any major appliances, the range is $12-20. You will be charged extra for oversize items such as appliances or furniture. Call the landfill for operating hours and more details.

What do I do with old appliances, mattresses and sofas?

Donate or sell items whenever possible! Many non-profit organizations, churches and other groups need such items that are expensive to purchase or replace. As long as an old appliance isn't a fire hazard, it may be repaired and is still usable. To dispose of large items, take advantage of special collection days that offer free or a reduced cost pickup (sponsored by your garbage company) or take items to the dump and pay for disposal.

For other questions about garbage services, please call:

  • San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department, at 781-5252
  • SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority at 782-8530 or  800-400-0811