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San Luis Obispo County, California


Water Conservation Program

In most cases, customers will hire a licensed plumber to complete the retrofits on their property. 

The plumber can determine which fixtures need to be replaced, complete and certify the work. Customers can submit the plumber’s certification with their rebate form and eliminate the need for a County inspection. In cases where a customer chooses to complete the work themselves, the following simple steps can be used when running programs in parallel:

Step 1:  Please call (805) 788-6633 to schedule a site visit.  

Step 2:  An inspector would determine the fixtures that qualify for a replacement or rebate from the County and complete a water survey.

Step 3:  Items are installed by the customer.

Step 4: Final inspection with rebate documentation will be completed by the County and customer at the time of the final inspection.

Step 5: County will issue rebates to customer within ten (10) days.

 For more background information, please refer to the Water Conservation Implementation Plan.

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