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San Luis Obispo County, California

Public Works
Wade Horton


County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department
Receives Prestigious APWA Accreditation

976 Osos Street
Room 206
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
Map & Directions

Business Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

(805) 781-5252


(805) 781-1229

Roads Signs

Road Signs

The Traffic Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all road signs on county maintained roads.

Damaged or Missing Signs

To report damaged or missing signs during normal business hours call Public Works Department at 781-5252 or use our Contact Us Form. 
The following information needs to be included in all reports:
Location of sign including nearest cross streets.
Type of Sign (i.e.. Stop, No Outlet, etc.)
Type of Damage
Your name and phone number (so we can contact you to ask any questions)

To report damaged or missing signs on weekends, evenings, and holidays contact the California Highway Patrol at (805) 593-3333.

New Signs

The installation of new road signs is governed by the California Vehicle Code. Signs we frequently receive requests for are listed below. Please follow the link to view more information on these signs filling a request.
Stop Signs
Speed Limit Signs
No Parking Signs

To file a request for a new sign please call the Traffic Division at (805) 781-1406  or use our Contact Us Form. All requests must contain the following information to be considered a valid request.

  • Name, phone number, and address – (necessary for us to respond)
  • Type of sign
  • Location of desired sign including nearest cross street
  • Paragraph explanation detailing reason for sign