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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visiting Hours

  • Monday - Friday -- 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday -- 9:45 am, 10:45 am, 3:00 pm ,4:00 pm, 6:30 pm, and 7:30 pm


All visits must be made in advance by calling (805) 781-5389.  Youths are allowed two, 1 hour visits per week.  Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the visit.  If you are unable to make your scheduled visit, please call and cancel.  Visits are limited to parent(s), guardian(s), and attorney or other individuals approved by the minor's Probation Officer.  Visitors will be required to pass through a metal detector and/or hand wand.  All visitors are subject to search upon entering the facility.  Any visitor that has an outstanding warrant will be subject to arrest. 

  • Visitors must present a valid photo ID and sign in before visitation.
  • Visitors are to dress appropriately, no hats, gloves, or gang related clothing depicting drugs or offensive images. 
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring in any personal items such as keys, cell phones, gum, food, drinks, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Visitors will be asked to remove all items from their pockets, prior to entering a visiting room.
  • Children are not to be left unattended in the lobby, or in vehicles outside the facility.   
  • Visitors under the influence of alcohol/drugs will not be admitted. The smell of an alcoholic beverage or controlled substance will be considered presumptive evidence

          of being under the influence.

    Visitors who bring in any contraband such as but not limited to drugs, tear gas, alcohol or weapons into a county juvenile facility will be prosecuted under 871.5 WIC.

    Visiting privilege may be suspended or terminated for the safety and security of the minor or facility at any time. 

    Visiting Rules include screening the visitor with the input of the assigned DPO. We check for active warrants, criminal history, and whether or not a visitor is on probation. Decisions are made on a case by case basis. We also look at past abuse issues. We ask visitors to leave purses, jackets, etc outside. Visitors are not allowed to pass items back and forth with the minor.

    What items can parents bring to juveniles?

    • Soft cover books
    • Appropriate magazines

    Any paperback books or magazines brought for any youth while in custody will become donated property to San Luis Obispo Juvenile Hall.

      When are juveniles allowed to make phone calls?

      Minors can make 2 phone calls at the time of booking. After that they can make unlimited collect calls during specified free-time. If a minor's family is unable to accept collect calls we can allow them to use the facility phone at our expense.