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San Luis Obispo County, California

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How Can We Help You?

We pride ourselves on serving the community and helping residents resolve any complaints they may have. Whether you are seeking service or filing a complaint, there are many ways in which the issue can be resolved. 

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The following links may help you find a solution.

  • ADA complaints. A complaint regarding curb ramps, accessible parking in the public right-of-way, traffic signals, and transit stops can be filed with the Director of Public Works/ADA  Coordinator, or their designee. Download the grievance form and policy.
  • Agriculture land-use complaint. Citizens may fill out this form to file an agriculture land-use complaint.
  • Behavioral Health grievance. Citizens may submit a consumer request form for any complaints, grievances, second opinions, change of provider or appeals they have regarding their services with Behavioral Health Services. To submit a Consumer Request Form fill out this form in English or in Spanish and send to the address listed on the form or call (805)781-4738 to speak with the Patients' Rights Advocate and Grievance Coordinator.
  • Building and development service complaints. Citizens may submit a request or comment about building permit information, or encroachment, special event, and transportation permits.
  • Child support complaint. Either a custodial party or non-custodial parent may file a complaint over the handling of a child support case. The San Luis Obispo County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) will resolve complaints about customer service, timeliness of service, payment and billing issues, and decisions to close a child support case. DCSS cannot handle complaints regarding Superior Court decisions or operations.
  • Claim against the County. Citizens may file a claim against the County for personal injury or property damage within the last six months by filling out this claim form and sending it to the County Clerk-Recorder’s office.
  • Citizen complaints. If you believe that a County department or employee is acting in manner that is unfair, arbitrary, inconsistent, or contrary to law, you may submit a citizen complaint to the County Administrative Office. Administrative Office staff will review your complaint to determine what actions, if any, can be taken to resolve the issue. Note: Prior to submitting a citizen complaint, it is recommended that all citizens contact the appropriate department to try and resolve the issue.
  • Consumer complaints. Citizens who wish to file a complaint against a company or individual may do so by filling out this form and sending it to the District Attorney’s Office.  
  • Pesticide use complaints.Citizens who have concerns or complaints about pesticide use should call the County  Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures at (805) 781-5910,  8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or after hours and holidays, call (800) 528-9333 and leave a message in Spanish or English.). It is best to contact the Agriculture Department as soon as possible if an incident involving the use of pesticides is occurring. Information on how the complainant may be contacted is helpful, but not required. Citizens may also submit this form via email to
  • Price and accuracy complaints against a business. Citizens who feel that they were overcharged, have concerns regarding deceptive advertising of prices, or have concerns on the accuracy of gasoline pumps, scales, or similar devices can file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures.  
  • Public health complaints. Citizens may submit public health complaints concerning, but not limited to, restaurants, markets, mobile food vehicles, illegal food vending, public swimming pools and/or spas. To submit a public health complaint, fill out this form.
  • Request for public records.Citizens may request to inspect public records during office hours, with some limited exceptions (see Government Code Section 6253). Some departments may have a form specific to the type of document requests they receive. View our Department Directory for contact information. If you're not sure which department to contact for a public records request, you may fill out this form, providing as much information as reasonable.
  • Road work request. Citizens may request road repair, traffic signal repair, or notify the County of road damage by filling out this form.
  • Whistleblower Hotline. Citizens may report financial fraud, waste and abuse via the Whistleblower Hotline by calling (855) 326-9623 toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to speak to a third-party representative.  

Please note that complaints may be subject to a Public Records Request, pursuant to the California Public Records Act (Government Code 6250) and, therefore, confidentiality cannot be assured. For all other complaints, please review the following and consider submitting a general Citizen Complaint (a link to the form can be found near the bottom of this page).

Problem Solving Tips

If you're having a particularly difficult time resolving an issue with a County department, sometimes you can resolve the issue by following the recommended tips below.

Try to work with staff or the department.

If you are seeking a resolution to your complaint, first try to work with the appropriate County staff member or department to find a satisfactory resolution. Review our problem solving tips below for more details on how you can work with County staff to resolve any complaints.

For a list of County department contact information, use the Department Directory.

Follow the department’s complaint process.

The department you’ve had contact with may actually have a complaint process of its own. The following links will take you to the complaint forms for departments that currently have them.

Write it down.

Keeping a chronological sequence of contacts and dates is helpful in explaining your problem with any department. Keep records of the contacts you have had with any departments including dates and names of staff.

Be clear and civil.

Before you contact a department or public employee, you may want to determine the exact problem you are having and the remedy you are seeking. Many issues stem from miscommunication. We also recommend being genial with the employee you're speaking with, as they want to help you solve whatever problem you may have.

Be persistent.

Has your problem been resolved? If not, follow up with the department or agency. Ask to speak with a department supervisor if the staff person is unable to assist you or if you are treated unfairly. Diligently follow up and ask the department if they need more information from you to resolve the issue.

Submitting a Citizen Complaint

The County Administrative Office investigates complaints asserting that a County department or employee is acting in a manner that is unfair, arbitrary, inconsistent, or contrary to law. Administrative Office staff will review your complaint to determine what actions, if any, can be taken to resolve the issue.

However, the County Administrative Office does not have the authority to investigate the administrative conduct of:

  • Law enforcement officials
  • Judges and their staff
  • Non-County organizations such as city, state or federal agencies
  • Private business or nonprofit organization

Submit a Citizen Complaint