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San Luis Obispo County, California


Agricultural Resources


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Agricultural Resources


Mission Statement

To protect local agricultural resources and operations by reporting production and value statistics of the agricultural industry, providing technical information related to land use impacts to agriculture, and responding to emergencies and disasters affecting agriculture and the public The county's rich agricultural resources are protected through a variety of activities in the Agricultural Resources program including:

Vertebrate Pest Control

The San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office has played an active role in helping agriculturalists and homeowners control vertebrate pests that cause damage to agricultural crops as well as private property. The program is designed to provide education and assistance to both agriculturalists and homeowners, protect endangered species by promoting proper and safe pesticide use, and to protect the public health from diseases transmitted by rodents and other vertebrate pests.

Statistics and Mapping which produces an annual County crop report and which maps agricultural lands using a geographic information system (GIS);

Land Use Planning which works to inform reduce conflicts between farmers and neighbors, identify potential land use impacts of development; recommend appropriate mitigation measures, and provide technical agricultural information to decision makers in order to protect agricultural resources and operations.

Emergency Preparedness planning which protects the public by providing local agricultural expertise and information during a Diablo Canyon Power Plant emergency and assists agriculture during periods of natural disaster by working with the County Office of Emergency Services; and

Dryland Grain

Resource Protection which assists agricultural compliance in water quality and air pollution programs and monitors organic waste disposal programs that affect agriculture.