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San Luis Obispo County, California


Light Brown Apple Moth ( LBAM )


The Light Brown Apple Moth is native to Australia and is found in New Zealand, the
United Kingdom and Hawaii.  The range of host plants is broad with more than two-thousand
plant species known to be susceptible to attack by this pest, and more than 250 crops.
It threatens California’s environment—including cypress and oak trees—by destroying, stunting
or deforming young seedlings and damaging new growth in the forest canopy. The moth also feeds
on host plants and damages or spoils the appearance of ornamental plants, citrus, grapes, and
deciduous fruit tree crops.  State and federal agriculture officials are currently developing sterile
insect technology to combat the infestation.


Media Release August 9, 2011 - Light Brown Apple Moth Detected in Cayucos

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Media Release July 31, 2009: Light Brown Apple Moth Detected in San Luis Obispo County

July 31, 2009 Map Core Detection Area

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