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San Luis Obispo County, California


Organic Production


The Department's organic program goal is to protect producers, handlers, processors, retailers and consumers of organic food sold in San Luis Obispo County by assuring that foods labeled as organic are, in fact, organic.

Producers, handlers, processors and some retailers involved with products of an organic nature must be registered through the County Agriculture Department.

Due to changes in state law (2010 Assembly Bill 2612), organic operations that are certified or are anticipating certification are not required to complete an Organic Site Profile or Organic Substance List. Please follow the instructions on these forms. If you have questions, please contact James Moore at 805-781-5908.



County Cover Letter

Basic information on state organic registration.

Registration Changes 01/01/2017

State Organic Program


Information on the California Organic Program (California Organic Products Act of 2003, or COPA) including required registration with the state for organic farm producers, handlers, wholesalers, commission merchants and brokers, retailers and other businesses regulated under COPA.

Organic Certifiers List

Most recent list of accredited certifying organizations in California.


Organic Registration Forms


Please submit complete application packets to:

     James Moore
     SLO County Agriculture Department
     2156 Sierra Way, Suite A 
     San Luis Obispo, CA 93401  

Organic Renewal Form 

Renewal Forms will be sent to you by the State Organic Program 30-60 days prior to the deadline to renew. Please contact the state if you did not receive your renewal packet from the State Organic Program. The link to the left does not include all the forms you may be required to submit.

     California Organic Program
     1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 •
     (916) 445-2180  FAX (916) 445-2427 •

Registration Changes 01/01/2017

Organic Links

Includes links to organic materials lists, government websites, and more.

For more information or assistance please contact James Moore at 805-781-5908 or