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San Luis Obispo County, California


Pest Management


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Pest Management


Mission Statement

To protect agriculture, the local environment, and the economic health of the community from the spread of detrimental pests by early detection then managing or eradicating infestations through partnerships, education, and the promotion of integrated pest management strategies. 

Vertebrate Pest Control

The San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office has played an active role in helping agriculturalists and homeowners control vertebrate pests that cause damage to agricultural crops as well as private property. The program is designed to provide education and assistance to both agriculturalists and homeowners, protect endangered species by promoting proper and safe pesticide use, and to protect the public health from diseases transmitted by rodents and other vertebrate pests.

cape ivy

Weed Control

Protects agriculture from noxious weed invasion Controls noxious weeds along county and state roads Enhances driver safety by improving visibility through weed control

Honey Bees

Educate the public about Honey Bees Assist other agencies in protecting the public

Wildlife Services

Predators and other wildlife pose a significant threat to agriculture, property, natural resources, and human health and safety. The San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office provides partial funding and office resources for two USDA Wildlife Specialists. These individual provide professional service to the community in the form of information, advice, equipment, materials, as well as direct assistance in handling wildlife issues.

 Managing Wildlife Damage