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San Luis Obispo County, California


Pest Prevention


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Pest Prevention


Mission Statement

To protect the environment, consumers and producers of Agricultural products in San Luis Obispo County by preventing the introductions or establishment of exotic pests and diseases.

The Pest Prevention program enforces federal and state laws and regulations to prevent the introduction and spread of pests in San Luis Obispo County. We operate the pest exclusion, pest detection, and pest eradication programs to protect agriculture, cities, suburbs and native habitat from pests foreign to California. We also regulate county beekeepers to provide a safe distance between apiaries and the public.

USDA Invasive Pest Public Service Announcement




Pest Exclusion: stops the introduction of exotic pests

Inspects and monitors shipments for pests and diseases

Certifies exporters of agricultural products

Glassywinged Sharpshooter and Pierce's Disease Control Program

Nursery Program


 Assasin Bug

 Pest Detection: educates the public about the risk of new pest infestations

Trapping Program

Sudden Oak Death

Red Palm Weevil

Pest Eradication: eliminates newly introduced pests from a limited area

Apiary: protects the public health and safety through an apiary ordinance

Registers, educates and assists county beekeepers

Regulates beekeepers


 Red Imported Fire Ants in the Grass