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San Luis Obispo County, California


Weed Control


Solanum Yellowstar


The San Luis Obispo County Department of Agriculture’s Pest Management Program is focused on controlling "noxious" or "invasive" weeds, which are defined as plant species that are detrimental to agriculture and/or the environment. The plants we are concerned with were introduced into our area from Europe and other places across the globe, and have since escaped into our local cropland, rangeland, and wildland areas.

These weeds disrupt agricultural activities in vineyards, orchards, and row crops. They decrease the productivity of pastures and rangeland causing a reduction in usable land. They cause untold ecological damage by crowding out native plants and degrading wildlife habitat. The worst of these plant invaders can actually alter the natural processes of the land, making an area more prone to fire or more susceptible to flooding and erosion. The Pest Management program conducts a wide variety of tasks designed to minimize the economic and ecological damage caused by these noxious weeds.

Provides control information and education for landowners and agriculturalists

Conducts surveys and educational programs focused on preventing new weed introductions

Protects agricultural lands from noxious weeds

Conducts active field programs designed to manage or eradicate specific target weed species

Controls noxious weeds along county and state roads in order to prevent them from spreading into ag and open space areas

Coordinates the activities of the San Luis Obispo County Weed Management Area, a local group consisting of a diverse group of local organizations dedicated to preventing the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive plant species within the county

For additional information regarding the problems caused by noxious weeds and how you can be part of the solution, please visit our local San Luis Obispo County Weed Management Area website:

SLO County's Weed Management Area


California Invasive Plant Council

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