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San Luis Obispo County, California


Weights and Measures

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 Weights and Measures


Mission Statement


The weights and measures program serves the community by safeguarding measurement accuracy and assuring confidence and integrity in the marketplace. The Weights and Measures program provides price comparisons for the consumer and assures fairness for the merchant when products, such as groceries and gasoline, are sold by weight, measure, count or time. Both the buyer and seller are protected when Weights and Measures inspectors test store scales, checkout scanners, packages, taxi meters, gasoline pumps, etc.


Weight Verification

  • Tests scales in stores at the checkout counter
  • Tests Farmers' Market and swap meet scales
  • Test truck scales
  • Audits businesses that weigh commodities when the buyer or seller is not present

Measuring Verification

  • Tests gasoline pumps for accuracy ·
  • Tests electric and natural gas meters at mobile home parks
  • Tests meters used to sell propane gas Transaction and Product Verification/Accuracy
  • Guarantees correct price at the register
  • Tests prepackaged goods for accurate weight, measure, count or time
  • Inspects packaged goods when sold
  • Checks labels and tests petroleum products for quality and octane


 Weights and Measures Complaint Form  (to display correctly please use Windows Explorer)

General Tables of Units of Measurement

 electric meter