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San Luis Obispo County, California


Process Servers

To complete the registration process, you must do the following:

    1.  Complete and sign the appropriate application form.

    2.  Provide payment of fees in cash or a check payable to the Clerk-Recorder. All fees can be found on the Fee Schedule

(a)  Registration fee
(b) Recording fee for bond  
(c) ID card


    3.  Bond for Process Server in the amount of $2,000. 

    4.  Valid picture identification. 

    5.  At the time of filing the initial certificate of registration, the registrant(s) shall also submit a completed Request for Live Scan form confirming fingerprint submission to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in order to verify that the registrant has not been convicted of a felony. All persons applying must submit the Request for Live Scan. 

    6.  Personally appear with all of the above in the office of the County Clerk-Recorder in the county in which you are registering.


Existing Registrations 

(a)  Complete the steps above
(b) If the existing registration has not expired, the request for live scan is not required
(c) The Registration number will remain in effect as long as there is no lapse in registration. If the registration is allowed to expire, a new registration number must be issued.


Application forms:

Application for Process Server - Individual

Application for Process Server - Corporation/Partnership