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Foster Care

How to Become a Resource Family

Foster/Adoptive/Relative Caregivers

Resource Family is the new term California applies to caregivers who care for foster children, who care for adopted chilren and
who provide care for the children of relatives.  We substitute Resource Family for these caregivers on our webpages, rather
than use the various terms; Foster Parent, Adoptive Parent or Non-Related Extended Family Member.

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Our Need Varies
Day to Day:

 There are currently approximately 380 children in foster care in San Luis Obispo County. All of these children need a safe and loving home with a resource family to care for them during their time in foster care. Children can come into care at any age from birth up to age 18 years, and may stay in care for a few days, an extended time, or anywhere in between. The needs of each child and family are unique and affect the length of time foster care is necessary. Children in our care include:

  • Sibling Groups
  • Teens
  • Special Needs Infants
  • School Age Children
  • Youth over the age of 18


Foster hope, foster care

Steps to
Becoming a


  1. Make initial Contact with Department
    at(805) 781-1705
    to receive an Information Packet
  2. Enroll in PRIDE classes and complete PRIDE trainings
  3. PRIDE will provide a Foster
    Care application which will
    be submitted at end of PRIDE.
    Licensing requirements will be met
    during PRIDE
  4. A licensing social worker will
    be assigned to ensure all paperwork
    and licensing requirements are
    complete License Issued!


What is PRIDE?


PRIDE stands for:
Parent's Resource for Information Development and Education


PRIDE is the educational component in the
Resource Family Approval process. PRIDE
has 5 days of classes that range from the
collection of licensing documents, health
screenings, CPR class and Background
checksto interactive panels of birth parents,
Department Staff presentations and
Community PartnerPresenters. It is designed
to strengthen the quality of Resource
Caregivers by providing a framework for
recruitment, preparation and education.
This series of classes needs to be
completed in order for the Resource Family
Approval process to continue.


  • Personal references
  • Copies of marriage
    certificates, divorce
    documents, and death
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Copy of DMV driving record
  • Fingerprints Clearance
  • CPR and First Aid
  • All adults in the home
    must have a TB
  • Participation in Home
    Study interviews

PRIDE will cover

all information

above at

NO Cost to YOU!


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Links for Resource Families


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Foster hope, foster care

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