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San Luis Obispo County, California

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General Assistance


About General Assistance

General Assistance is a cash aid program to help needy individuals and families who are not eligible for help under any other program.

The program provides money, vouchers and job-related services for needy persons not eligible to Federal and State aid programs.


How to Apply

Anyone has the right to apply for General Assistance. In order to receive General Assistance, you must be a resident of San Luis Obispo County. You may qualify if you are poor, destitute, incompetent, or incapacitated by age, disease or accident and are not supported by relatives, friends or any other source. You must be actively seeking employment if you are able to work.

Your real and personal property and all your income from any source are considered when calculating if you qualify for General Assistance.

It is important if you or your family is in need of General Assistance that you contact the Department of Social Services.



Your worker will calculate the amount of benefits that you can receive.
There is also a program that pays for mortuary expenses for deceased indigents when necessary.


Where to Apply

3433 S. Higuera, San Luis Obispo, CA
(805) 781-1600


Help for the Homeless

The Department of Social Services collaborates with community partners from all over the county on the Homeless Services Oversight Council (HSOC).  The HSOC website provides a central location where you can find information and resources about all kinds of help for homeless and needy individuals  and families living in San Luis Obispo county.  Click here to go to the Homeless Services website.


General Assistance Caseload Statistics

Click here for current year General Assistance caseload statistics

Click here to go to the Department of Social Services home page.