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Drug & Alcohol Services Interns and Volunteers

When possible, Drug and Alcohol Services offers opportunities for students and volunteers to gain valuable experience working in the field of Behavioral Health. Internships and volunteer opportunities are made available on the basis of need and staff support and are not affiliated with any standing program. Interested students and volunteers should contact the Department with the information listed below.

Requirements for Positions:

All interns or volunteers must be affiliated with a school or organization for accountability purposes. All student interns must have proof of current placement in the current school term. Interns and volunteers must not be a current client of Division services, and have not been a client within the past three years.


Description of Positions:


LMFT/LCSW Internships:

These programs offer license-track interns the opportunity to gain clinical hours while being supervised by a licensed professional in the field. Interns conduct individual and group sessions, education, and conduct assessments. Interns learn to develop treatment plans and assist clients in navigating resources. Intern supervision is conducted on site at no cost to the intern/trainee. Internships are unpaid.


AOD Certification Internships:

For counselors needing to develop experience and hours towards certificates, such as the Registered Addiction Specialist certificate, this program offers interns the opportunity to develop counseling and educating skills with clients in Drug and Alcohol Services' Driving Under the Influence (DUI) programs. Interns will gain skills in individual and group sessions, working with curricula, provide education, and experience in the regulatory nature of criminal justice alcohol or other drug (AOD) intervention. Internships are unpaid.


Prevention Internship:

This program is based on grants issued to the Division for preventing the onset of AOD use and decreasing the negative effects of substance abuse in the community. These positions typically require work to be done at local schools in high-energy, active environments. Interns learn to provide evidence-based prevention, work with schools and community partners in developing programs, acquire skills in youth development, and work in team constructs and individually. These positions often work nights and weekends. The positions are generally unpaid, although some grants allow for a small salary.


General Volunteer Programs:

Drug and Alcohol Services may, at times, be able to utilize the assistance of volunteers. Those seeking community service hours may be used to conduct office business, event assistance, or special projects. Volunteers are unpaid.

Interested Applicants:

Please email us with the following information, and attach a resume and current school schedule if applicable.

Contact Information (please include name, address, cell phone and email)

School Information (please include licensure/trainee status, major, graduation projection)

Background (tell us your interests, experience, languages, special training, etc.)

Availability (when can you work, when can you absolutely not work, etc.)

Email and send attachments here.