Opioid Safety Coalition

Thank you for visiting the San Luis Obispo County Opioid Safety Coalition Page! Here you will find all of the information being shared in the County’s efforts to curb the misuse and abuse of pain medications, sedatives, and stimulants.

Since 1999, the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in the number of pain medications, sedatives, and stimulants prescribed. Every community has been affected by this trend. Prescription drugs are easily accessible, perceived to be safer than street drugs, and are highly addictive. When misused, they are usually obtained freely or stolen from friends or family. Misuse of prescription drugs may also lead to the use and abuse of dangerous drugs, including heroin. As abuse increases, so do accidental deaths. Today, drug overdoses kill more than cars, guns, and falling. Prescription drug abuse crosses all boundaries — gender, ethnicity, economic status, and age. Because all sectors of society are impacted, solutions will require integrated community-wide approaches. 

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The SLO Opioid Safety Coalition was established in January 2016 to reduce prescription drug misuse and abuse.

The coalition’s goals are to:

  1. Establish San Luis Obispo Regional Opioid Safety Coalition.
  2. Reduce opioid-related deaths by 30% in SLO County in three years.
  3. Establish safe prescribing guidelines at 4 regional hospitals.
  4. Increase the use of CURES database on a routine basis.
  5. Increase suboxone/buprenorphine (and other medication assisted treatment) prescribers in our County.
  6. Expand naloxone distribution locations in San Luis Obispo County.
  7. Establish a Data Dashboard for opioid statistics for San Luis Obispo County.


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