If you call Drug and Alcohol Services, please be prepared with:

    -  A phone number where a counselor can reach you. Be sure to specifiy that this number is ok for us to leave a message.
forms/Application for Services.doc
  • Q: What are your office hours?

    A: Office hours are listed here.

  • Q: Can I fill out paper work before visiting your office?

    A: YES! You can save a lot of time by filling out the Application for Services form before arriving.  Other forms and Spanish forms are located here.

  • Q: What are the program fees?

    A: The fees depend on the program.  Updated fees can be found here

  • Q: How do I find your offices?

    A: CLICK HERE for a list of offices, Then click on the address for a map.

  • Q: Can a spanish speaking client enroll in the DUI program in San Luis Obispo Office?

    A: Sorry, No. Spanish DUI programs are only offered at our Atascadero and Grover Beach offices.

  • Q:Can a spanish speaking client do out-patient treatment services in the Atascadero or Grover Beach centers?

    A: These services are offered in SLO only and may be possibly sent to the outlying centers for services depending on hardship, program, courts.

  • Q: My car broke down and I am supposed to be in the DEJ, DUI, Prop 36 Program. Can I come late?

    A: You need to check with your counselor if already enrolled. If new appointment, please watch court deadlines on court minute orders or paperwork.

  • Q: How much time do I have to enroll into DUI School?

    A: 21 Days.

  • Q: My friend/family member has an alcohol and/or drug problem, where can they go for help?

    A: They can call their nearest outpatient program. A qualified specialist from the program will meet with them to do an assessment and set up a treatment plan. This could be treatment at the outpatient program or a referral to a different service that would best meet their needs (for example a residential rehab program).  If they have insurance, they should call their insurance company who will direct them to services.

    CLICK HERE for contact information, or call the San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services at: 1-805-781-4275 

  • Q: Where can I get a list of AA/NA meetings?

    A: Meeting information can be obtained at any of our offices.

  • Q: I think my child may be using drugs, what should I do?

    A: Call any Drug and Alcohol Services facility and request an individual youth assessment appointment. This first appointment is free of charge and your child will meet with a qualified substance abuse specialist to determine the best plan. You, as a parent, will also be involved.

  • Q: I don't have any health insurance, how can I get treatment for myself or my family members substance abuse problem?

    A: The first step is to contact the closest drug and alcohol outpatient program. The outpatient program will complete a financial assessment and make referrals for financial assistance. Drug and Alcohol Services provides a sliding payment schedule for court ordered programs or a sliding fee schedule for treatment programs.

  • Q: My health insurance will not pay for drug and alcohol treatment, what should I do?

    A: California law requires that most insurance plans provide drug and alcohol treatment coverage. It is important that you understand what your coverage is and that you appeal any decisions by the insurance company that do not provide you with the full benefit to which you are entitled. California Health Advocates (CHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to timely and responsive education and advocacy efforts on behalf of California Medicare beneficiaries and the pre-retirement population. CHA promotes the work of the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) projects serving 4.1 million Medicare beneficiaries of all ages throughout California. CHA provides statewide technical training and support to local HICAP professional staff and volunteer counselors. . This service can be reached by calling 1-800-221-6333. The advocate’s role is to help you obtain the benefit you are entitled to.

    For more Information, please visit California Health Advocates

  • Q: I've been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) what should I do?

    A: San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services runs the County's Driving Under the Influence Program. Information regarding DUI programs can be obtained here, or by calling (805) 781-4275.

  • Q: Is drug and alcohol treatment confidential?

    A: There are strict state and federal laws covering the confidentiality of drug and alcohol treatment records. No one may be given information about your participation in drug and alcohol treatment without your specific written consent.

  • Q: My church or community group is interested in a speaker to address alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues, can you tell me where to go for help.

    A: The Behavioral Health Department's Prevention & Outreach Division provides education / training presentations and materials to a variety of community groups. Call 781-4754 for the Prevention Team.

  • Q: My organization is sponsoring a health fair, where can I get pamphlets, brochures and other information regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to distribute?

    A: The Behavioral Health Department's Prevention & Outreach Division provides education / training presentations and materials to a variety of community groups. Call 781-4754 for the Prevention Team.

Vision Statement:

SLO County is a community that values awareness and knowledge of alcohol and other drug use and acts accordingly in a safe, healthy, responsible manner.