Prevention and Outreach Programs

Prevention & Outreach Mission Statement & Program Standards

San Luis Obispo County’s Behavioral Health Prevention and Outreach services provide a framework for collaborative county-wide prevention of substance abuse and its related problems, and the promotion of mental wellness and health.

The mission is achieved by engaging individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities to promote safe and healthy environments through the following strategies:

  •             Information dissemination and media advocacy
  •             Education and skill building
  •             Alternative activities
  •             Problem identification, referral, and clinical care
  •             Community based processes
  •             Environmental and policy development
  •             Increased access to care
  •             Consumer and family driven services

Our programs:


Friday Night Live

FNL is a school-based universal prevention program at every high school and middle school in SLO County, as well as at Cal Poly. All FNL programs provide participants with a safe environment, opportunities for involvement and connection with community and schools, leadership and advocacy, skill building, and caring and meaningful relationships with youth and adults.  Click here to visit the SLO Friday Night Live Partnership (non-profit) web site!


Preventive Health Grants (PHG)

PHG programs link individuals and families with services to prevent the progression of substance abuse among vulnerable community members. Services include school site prevention counseling, outreach to youth and local students, education for families regarding addiction prevention, and family strengthening activities that reduce risk factors and promote protective factors. Currently, the Preventive Health Grants serve the communities of Shandon, Oceano, and Cambria.


Prevention & Early Intervention – School Wellness

The Middle School Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI) project builds wellness and resiliency while reducing risk factors and stressors among students. A student assistance program (SAP) is established at six selected middle schools. The PEI SAP programs include a Student Support Counselor, a Family Advocate and a Youth Development Program (Friday Night Live).

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School Site Prevention & Early Intervention Counseling

Prevention & Outreach provides selected prevention counseling for students in middle and high school exhibiting risk indicators consistent with children of addiction. Counselors work directly with at-risk youth through student support groups, individual counseling, classroom presentations, parenting programs and assessments and referrals.


School-Based Drug Medi-Cal

Prevention and Outreach provides substance abuse treatment to adolescents in a school environment to provide greater access to treatment services.  Additional services and structure are offered through the DAS clinics.


Veteran’s Outreach & Veteran’s Treatment Court

Veteran’s Outreach is an Innovation project to increase access to mental health services for veterans and other individuals at high-risk for mental health issues such as amputees, disabled persons, chronically ill persons, and TAY.  The Veteran’s Treatment Court assists veterans who have entered the criminal justice system with receiving treatment and rehabilitation from the US Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs (VA.)


Youth and Family Substance Use Early Intervention and Treatment

An outpatient facility-based drug and alcohol treatment program designed for youth ages 12-18 and their families. In the Youth and Family Program, families can participate in 4 to 6 hours of treatment per week which includes group counseling, family counseling, drug education, parenting education, and multi-family sessions. Evening hours are available. Please call for an assessment appointment.

San Luis Obsipo County Substance Abuse Strategic Prevention Framework

Click here to read the County's strategic prevention plan for 2012-2017

San Luis Obispo County MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention Plan

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