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Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

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Our Mission

 San Luis Obispo County will be a community with a collective value that empowers  children and families to develop to their fullest potential, resulting in overall health, well-being, and a strong sense of responsibility to self, culture, and society.


  Our Services:


Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program
 Baby and Doctor  An enhanced Medi-Cal program for Medi-Cal eligible women. This program includes a wide range of culturally competent services to pregnant women, from conception through two full months postpartum.

Prenatal Substance Use Prevention
 The Prenatal Substance Use Prevention program utilizes the 4P's Plus screening tool in collaboration with local doctors. The screening tool is a substance use and
domestic violence screening for all pregnant women that is used by a doctor and provides a brief intervention. We encourage every pregnant women to remain alcohol
and substance free throughout pregnancy.
Pregnant Stomach

Prenatal Nutrition
 Pregnant Nutrition Adequate nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important to both maternal and fetal health. Dietary intake and gradual continuous weight gain in pregnancy are two of the most critical components of fetal growth and development. 

Adolescent Health
The Adolescent Health Program focuses on the needs of adolescents in San Luis Obispo county. Through collaboration with other agencies in SLO County we are working to provide services to adolescents and assist as needed. We review programs from other counties/states that have been successful in changing high risk behavior in teens and determines appropriateness for our county. 
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