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6-15-17 Avoid Heat-Related Illness

5-12-17 Valley Fever Death in SLO County Confirmed

5-9-17 West Nile Virus - Mosquito Control

5-1-17 Annual Quarantine of Sport Harvested Mussels

4-25-17 Whooping Cough Vaccine Recommendation

4-7-17 Ocean Water Advisory

3-23-17 Zika and Spring Break Travel

2-17-17 Food Safety During Power Outages

2-6-17 First reportable flu death

1-20-17 Meningococcal Case

1-18-17 Second Measles Case

1-10-17 Investigation of Measles Case

1-5-17 Beach Water Advisory

12-2-16 SLO PHD Awarded Traffic Safety Grants

10-13-16 First Case of Travel-Associated Zika in SLO

10-12-16 Free Flu Shot Clinic

10-14-16 First Seasonal Flu Case in SLO

8-18-16 SLO County Resident Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

3-4-16 News Release-Consider Zika Risks Before Travel

12-24-15 TCE Detected in 5 Local Wells

12-10-15 Increase in Norovirus Outbreaks

12-04-15 No Cases of Bacterial Meningitis in SLO County

11-6-15 Viral Meningitis cases associated with Cal-Poly

11-3-15 CDPH Issues Warning about Domoic Acid in Crabs

08-18-15 Air Quality Alert-Wildfire Smoke Impacting SLO County 

04-17-15 Measles Outbreak Declared Over by State Health Officials 

02-03-15 Measles Health Advisory issued to all schools and child care facilities in SLO County (English/Espanol) 

09/17/14 Info Service: Horse tests positive for West Nile Virus in SLO County

03/04/14 Info Service: SLO County ranks highest in state in sale of e-cigarettes! 


7-18-17 Health Advisory: Hepatitis A Outbreak in CA

5-16-17 Health Advisory: Botulism in Northern CA Counties

5-9-17 PH Dept lab specimens referral

3-23-17 Ensuring Accurate Diagnosis of IMD

1-10-17 Provider Alert: Measles Patient

12-2-16 Increases in E coli Cases

11-9-16 Timely Reporting of Suspect and Active TB

10-24-16 Zika Virus Update

8-15-16 Healthcare workers Influenza vaccination letter 2016

7-27-16 Acute Flaccid Myelitis

7-1-16 Health Advisory: Meningococcal Outbreak

6-15-16 Provider Update: Zika Testing Guidelines

4-1-16 Travel Letter History Provider Notice

3-16-16 Revised-Guidance for Congenital Zika Infection Evaluation

3-1-16 Provider Advisory-Zika Virus Update

1-19-16 CDPH Health Advisory ZIKA Virus in Latin America

09-25-15 Health Advisory: Flu Testing and Reporting

09-09-15 CDC advisory Acute Flaccid Myelitis

07-29-15 Info Service: Sentinel Providers Needed  

06-12-15 CDC Health Advisory: MERS 

06-12-15 CDC Health Advisory: Avian Influenza

06-02-15 Update: Tdap 

02-20-15 CDPH Health Advisory: Measles 

01-21-15 CDPH Health Advisory: Measles outbreak update and recommendations  

12/05/14 Health Alert: Antigenic drift of circulating flu virus (H3N2) and the use of antiviral medications

11/17/14 From CDPH: Ebola preparedness and response for outpatient and ambulatory care setting

10/03/14 CDC Health Advisory: Recommendations for evaluating patients for possible Ebola Virus Disease  

09/29/14 Health Alert: Influenza testing and reporting recommendations for 2014-2015 

08/25/14 Health Advisory: Mandatory influenza vaccination of all healthcare workers in SLO County

06/27/14 CDPH: Pertussis epidemic declared in CA 



Health Alert: provides vital, time-sensitive information for a specific incident or situation; warrants immediate action or attention by health officials, laboratorians, clinicians, and members of the public; and conveys the highest level of importance. 

Health Advisory: provides important information for a specific incident or situation; contains recommendations or actionable items to be performed by public health officials, laboratorians, and/or clinicians; may not require immediate action.

Health Update: provides updated information regarding an incident or situation; unlikely to require immediate action.

Info Service: provides general public health information; unlikely to require immediate action.

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