Alerts Recalls and Media Releases


1-31-16   News Release  Broad Street San Luis Obispo Sewage Spill
12-31-15 News Release  Dungeness and Rock Crab Health Advisory Partially Lifted along the California Coast 
12-24-15 News Release
1-03-15 News Release CDPH Warning about Dungeness and Rock Crabs Caught in Central Coast Waters
12-18-15 News Release California Men's Colony Sewage Release into Chorro Creek
09-17-14 News Release

Horse tests positive for West Nile Virus in San Luis Obispo County



1-29 Recall  Multistate Outbreak of Listeria in Dole Leafy Greens Products Produced in the Dole Facility in Springfield, Ohio 
10-15  Recall  S. Martinelli & Company Certain Lots of Sparkling Beverages Recall 
10-7  Recall  Whole Foods Market Organic Roquefort Cheeses Recall 
10-2  Recall  Aspen Foods Chicken Products Recall 
9-16  Recall  Karoun Dairies Various Cheeses Recall 
9-10  Recall  organicgirl Produce Baby Spinach Recall 
9-3  Recall  Kraft Heinz Company Select Varieties of Cheese Singles Recall 
8-28  Recall Enjoy Foods Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips Product Recall 
8-25  Recall  Kraft Heinz Foods Turkey Bacon Products Recall 
8-25  Recall  Jo's Candies Dark Chocolate Covered Honey Grahams Recall 
7-31  Recall  Kraft Heinz Company Select Varieties of Cheese Singles Recall 
7-31  Recall  Good Food Made Simple Turkey and Pork Products Recall 
7-25  Recall  The Kroger Co Four Kroger Seasonings Recall 
7-15  Recall  Murry's Inc Chicken Products Recall 
7-15  Recall Aspen Foods Chicken Products Recall 
7-12  Recall  Barber Foods Forzen, Raw Stuffed Chicken Products Recall 
6-27  Recall  Atkins Nutrionals Limited Quality of Chocolate Candies Recall 
6-25  Recall  Whole Foods Market Raw Macadamia Nuts Recall 
6-15  Recall Marine Harvest Salmon Fillet product Recall
6-4  Recall  The Santa Barbara Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Recall 
5-27  Recall  Osamu Corp Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna Recall 
5-22  Recall  Culinary Brands Inc Pork Products Recall 
4-27  Recall Waymouth Farms Raw Pine Nuts Recall 
4-23  Recall  Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - All Ice Cream Products Recall 
4-20  Recall Kayem Foods Sausage Products Recall 
4-17  Recall Whole Food Market Raw Macadamia Nuts Recall 
4-8  Recall  Sabra Dipping Company Hummus Recall
3-24  Recall  Twin City Foods Frozen Organic Spinach Recall 
3-17  Recall  Kraft Foods Group Macaroni and Cheese Products Recall 
3-17  Recall  Trader Joe's Raw Walnuts Recall 
3-16  Recall  Frontier Co-op Several Products with Organic Garlic Powder Recall 
3-12  Recall  Trader Joe's Cinnamon Almonds Recall 
3-12  Recall  Badia Spices Ground Cumin Products Recall 
2-27  Recall  Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto Seal Salt Caramel Gelato Recall 
2-11  Recall  Sunfood Organic Sacha Inchi Powder Recall 
2-6  Recall  See's Candies Classic Red Heart with Assorted Chocolates Recall 
1-29  Recall  Freeland Foods Sunflower Seeds Recall 
1-18  Recall Rader Farms Fresh Start Smoothie Blend Recall
1-16  Recall  B&M Seasoning Blends Recall 
1-15  Recall  Classic Cooking Several Garden Lites Products Recall 
1-14  Recall  Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. Market Pantry Honey & Oat Mixers Recall 
1-9  Recall  Bidart Bros Grany Smith and Gala Apples Recall
1-9  Recall  Morningstar farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Chipotle Black Bean Burgers Recall 
1-8  Recall The Santa Barbara Smokehouse Cold Smoked Salmon product Recall