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Medical Therapy Program (MTP)

Welcome to the Medical Therapy Program (MTP)

of San Luis Obispo County

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Medical Therapy Program?

What do I need to know about referring a child to the MTP?

What is the MTP process?

What are some examples of qualifying conditions for the MTP?

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

What does a Physical Therapist do?

What is the Medical Therapy Conference?

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What is the MTP?

The Medical Therapy Program is a part of California Children's Services (CCS) and provides occupational and physical therapy for children birth to 21 years of age who have eligible orthopedic/neuromuscular conditions.  Therapy is provided without cost to the family at Medical Therapy Units (MTU) located throughout the county.  In San Luis Obispo County there are four MTU sites located in Atascadero, Oceano, Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo.  

What do I need to know about referring a child to the MTP?

Obtain a physician's prescription and the child's medical records documenting the medically eligible condition and fax to CCS at (805) 781-4492.

The family completes an application for the CCS program (aplicación en español).

The child must be a resident of San Luis Obispo County.

The child must be between 0-21 years of age.

 Picture of doctor referring patient.

What happens next?

Picutre of Wednesday morning roundtable  

1.  The medical information is reviewed by the CCS Medical Director, nursing case managers and the Supervising MTP Therapist to determine if the child has a medically eligible condition.  If eligibility is unclear, more medical information or diagnostic tests may be requested to help determine eligibility.

2.  CCS informs the family of the child's eligibility.

3.  The child is referred to his or her local MTU for evaluation by an occupational therapist and/or a physical therapist.

4.  If the child is determined to not be medically eligible, the family may appeal that decision.

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What are some examples of qualifying conditions for the MTP?

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Specific types of traumatic injuries such as:
    • Burns
    • Amputation
    • Near Drowning
    • Traumatic Head Injury
  • A child under three with physical findings suggestive of Cerebral Palsy or muscle disease

For more detailed information regarding medically eligible conditions, please visit the State Children's Medical Services Branch Medical Therapy Program.

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

The Occupational Therapist (OT) works on small motor activities, such as hand and facial control, for improving the child's ability to perform functional daily skills independently.  For example:  learning dressing and self-feeding skills.

 OT & Girl Exercising

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PT Gait Trainer

What does a Physical Therapist do?

What is the Medical Therapy Conference?

 This is a conference/clinic for the child and family to meet with the team at the MTU to ascertain the child's medical needs, determine the diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the child.  The conference team consists of the treating therapists (OT and/or PT), the clinic physician (a pediatric Orthopedist), a CCS nursing case manager, the Orthotist/Prosthetist, and the family.  The Medical Therapy Conference physician will direct the prescribed occupational therapy and/or physical therapy treatment for the child.  Certain conditions are followed in Specialty Care Centers and prescriptions for therapy are directed from these clinics.  Picture of MTP Conference

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