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San Luis Obispo County, California


Information in this website is based on original documents in the SLO County Human Resources Department. They are official, controlling documents in case of discrepancy.

Employee Benefits

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Salaries and Advancement


Payday is every other Friday for a two-week work period. Checks are given directly to the employee or electronic deposit is available.

Salary ranges for most jobs have five stages at 5% intervals. Hiring is normally the first step. Eligibility for an increase to step 2 comes after six months of employment and yearly thereafter to step 5 if work performance is satisfactory and your department head recommends it.

On promoting to a job with a higher salary range, an employee advances to a step in that range providing a salary higher than before.

Salary range reviews are usually done annually with adjustments based on comparable jobs elsewhere. Meeting and conferring with employee organizations are part of the process. When a salary range changes upward as a part of this process, employees go to the same step as in the previous range.


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