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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Initiatives, Projects, and Accomplishments

  • San Luis Obispo Regional GIS Collaborative

    With a focus on leveraging resources across all GIS using public agencies in the region, SLO County, and other agency partners in the county, such as the cities of Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Atascadero, and Paso Robles, Cal Poly, CalTrans, SLOCOG, and LAFCO all recognize the value of collaborating on regional GIS dataset acquisitions (i.e., imagery, street centerlines, address points, and parcel data) as well as establishing regional data standards. The SLOCOG Board, chosen to act in an administerial capacity, approved the formation of the San Luis Obispo Regional GIS Collaborative (SLORGC) on December 5th, 2012. The SLORGC will act as a technical advisory group to SLOCOG, who can exercise its existing joint powers authority across the eight jurisdictions in the region. SLORGC plans to pursue grant funding opportunities and will be a recognized entity that State and Federal agencies can additionally partner with on GIS data acquisitions.

    Open Data Initiative

    SLO County GIS understands the importance of making our GIS Data available in a transparent and easy to use manner. In order to support this initiative, SLO County chose to utilize Esri's and open data offerings. This solution allows users to easily search, visualize, access metadata, and download all of SLO County's publicly available GIS datasets. The site accesses our enterprise GIS, which means the datasets we are presenting are always in sync with the version of the data that County GIS staff are using. You can access our open data site here:

  • Mapping Software Evaluation

    County GIS staff chose Geocortex mapping software so that they can create mapping applications to support internal business functions as well as bring the power of GIS to our citizens. Publically available applications will provide transparency to our citizens and make accessing county information and services easier. We've already begun launching desktop and mobile mapping applications with more currently in development. Keep coming back to to see what's new!

  • 2014 Aerial Imagery Acquisition

    The San Luis Obispo Regional GIS Collaborative, of which the county is a partner agency, is in the process of acquiring new countywide imagery. San Luis Obispo Council of Governments as the administerial body for SLORGC, is contracting with Sanborn to complete the imagery acquisition for the region. We anticipate receiving the final delivery for this project in Spring 2015.  

  • GIS Parcel Data Conversion

    The County, in partnership with SLOCOG and the cities, completed an RFP for conversion of parcel data. Our goal is to bring Assessor’s Office mapping into GIS and allow them to maintain both official Assessor maps and the associated GIS parcel data for our enterprise GIS. Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) was the successful vendor hired to do the conversion project. Implementation will begin in February 2015 and last for 16-18 months. If you have questions about the parcel data conversion project please contact the Assessor's Office at (805) 781-5643.  

  • Countywide Street Centerlines

    In 2009, county GIS initiated an effort to acquire countywide street centerline data that could be maintained in-house. Previously staff had been using an off the shelf product that had a lower accuracy. Through the use of Homeland Security grant funds, staff contracted to have Contact One build a detailed street centerline dataset that incorporated data already in use by several partner agencies, including the Cities of Atascadero, Grover Beach, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, as well as CalFire/County Fire, CalPoly, and the County of Santa Barbara. This improved centerline data was intended and currently serves to support the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems for both CalFire/County Fire and the Sheriff. Since implementing these new data both agencies have seen a dramatic increase in locating 911 calls.

    The Countywide street centerline data was placed in the public domain and can be consumed using the map service at

  • 2011 Aerial Imagery Acquisition

    Imagery is an important base layer for many of the functions that the county performs. Periodic updates of this imagery are necessary to keep up to date information in the hands of county staff, including the Office of Emergency Services (OES). In support of this, in 2011 this SLO County GIS and OES contracted with Pinnacle Mapping Technologies, Inc. to fly countywide 1’ resolution imagery and 515 square miles of 6” resolution imagery. The imagery now supports emergency planning and disaster response for nuclear power plant incidents and is being used by nearly all county departments for their important functions.

    This imagery was placed in the public domain and can be acquired by contacting Drew Decker from the USGS at 619-225-6430 or