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Public Health Services


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Get information here about the current Zika virus outbreak, including travel notices, prevention, symptoms, and information for pregnant women, travelers and health care providers.

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Disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires and floods may cause some hardships related to water and food quality, pool sanitation, chemical spills and other emergencies. Find out how to safely deal with these emergencies. More resources for all types of emergencies available here.

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If you or your family gets drinking water from a private well, do you know if your water is safe to drink? Get information here and find out if your well water is safe to use.

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Find out about career opportunities with the Public Health Department.




The Environmental Health Services Division prevents exposure to toxic substances, diseases, unsanitary conditions, and other environmental hazards through education and enforcement. Programs include hazardous materials management, food safety, water quality, recreational water and swimming pool monitoring, and solid waste facility oversight.  


The Family Health Services Division provides preventive health clinical services such as family planning,  Immunizations , tuberculosis and sexually-transmitted disease control, Epidemiology , Communicable Disease Control and Prevention , Maternal Child Health Programs Field Nursing Programs , California Children's Services , Child Health and Disability Prevention Program , Medical Therapy Program , Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program , Foster Care Program and outreach programs. Go to Family Health Services Webpage.


The Emergency Medical Services Division coordinates and supports emergency medical services (EMS) throughout the county. The Emergency Medical Services Agency  develops countywide policies and protocols for prehospital patient care and operations and performs evaluation and oversight of local emergency transport providers and designated specialty care systems. The Agency certifies Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), accredits local Paramedics, and authorizes local Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICNs). 

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program mission is to protect the public and ensure that the local first responders and health care system are prepared to respond to public health emergencies in an effective and coordinated manner.


The Health Care Services Division oversees the County-funded health care delivery systems including the Medically Indigent Services Program and the Law Enforcement Medical Care Program.  

Medically Indigent Services Program (MISP) assists qualified low-income adult residents of the county who have no other means to pay for necessary medical care. 

The Law Enforcement Medical Care (LEMC) Program provides medical care for juvenile wards while they are residing in the Juvenile Services Center and medical care for adults incarcerated in the County Jail.


The Health Promotion Division works within the community to promote healthy behaviors. Along with a focus on individual change in behavior, we encourage the adoption of community wide improvements that benefit public health. Our programs include:

Tobacco Control Program - Offers free cessation classes and free nicotine replacement therapies to the community. We also work with local jurisdictions on policies to restrict the use of tobacco.

Obesity Prevention Program - Works with community partners in the HEAL-SLO collaborative to reduce the rate of childhood obesity. We also offer workshops on certain nutrition topics.

Women Infants and Children (WIC) - Is a national program which offers nutrition education and food vouchers to low-income women and their children - from pregnancy to the age of 5.

Oral Health Program - Offers preventative oral care to the residents, with a focus on children 0-5 years of age.

Injury Prevention Program - The injury prevention program works to ensure Child Passenger, Bicycle and Pedestrian safety through car seat checks, classes and safety events.

Other programs may be offered, based on funding availability. Go to the Health Promotion Webpage 


Provides high quality and timely testing services for communicable disease diagnosis, water quality and animal diseases including Rabies. Go to the Public Health Laboratory Webpage 

SAN LUIS OBISPO HEALTH COMMISSION The Health Commission was formed in 1994 to serve as an advisory board to the County Board of Supervisors and the County Public Health Agency on matters of health care in the County. The Commission meets monthly in a public venue and is a cooperative effort among consumers, and indirect and direct providers of health care services. The Commission consists of 11 volunteer appointees who are residents of San Luis Obispo County, of which 6 are consumer representatives, 3 are direct providers (e.g., physicians, nurses and dentists), and 2 are indirect providers (e.g., medical office managers and hospital administrators). Go to the San Luis Obispo Health Commission