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San Luis Obispo County, California


Planning & Building

James A. Bergman

Bill Robeson
Deputy Director, Permitting

Trevor Keith
Deputy Director, Policies and Programs

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Housing and Economic Development

Making Affordable Housing a Reality is Our Mission


San Luis Obispo

The Housing and Economic Development section is dedicated to create affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income households by providing the following programs:

  1. Housing Element
  2. Federal HUD GrantsFederal grants includes Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnerships (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), and Contunuum of Care (Coc) to provide funding for community development and public service projects.
  3. Affordable Housing Affordable housing opportunities for renters and homeowners throughout the County.
  4. 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness is a collaborative approach aimed at improving the county's approach to homelessness.
  5. The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Affordable housing requirements on both residential and commercial development projects.
  6. 2014 Updated Community Participation Plan The Community Participation Plan establishes procedures to involve the public in the process of developing and amending the HUD required Consolidated Plan for the HUD grant programs
  7. Uniform Relocation Act - Relocation Requirements
  8. The 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan and the 2015 Action Plan 
  9. Section 504 – People with Disabilities
  10. Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) The County of San Luis Obispo and nonprofits providing services to homeless population use the HMIS system to collect information about the homeless and homeless related services.
  11. Fair Housing Program
  12. Urban County 2016 Action Plan
  13. Economic Analysis Program Brochure