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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Greywater, Reclaimed Water, and Rainwater Catchment

Concerned about the drought?

Want to re-cycle wash water in your landscaping? Want to capture rainwater and flush your toilets with it? The Governor has declared a State of Emergency for water in California, and has directed all of us to cut back 20%. Below you will find links to, San Luis Obispo Green Build, where you can find guides on Greywater and Rain Water Capture and reuse. You will also find links to the California Plumbing Code which covers the permitting process for Greywater, Chapter 16, Recycled water, Chapter 16A, and Rainwater reuse, Chapter 17.


Please see attached Chapter 16 & 16A of the 2013 CPC

California Plumbing Code

If you have any questions regarding Greywater systems, Recycled water systems, or Rainwater catchment and reuse, contact Barry Tolle at 781-5628 or email at

Check out this Slide Show For More Information.