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San Miguel Community Plan Update

Appendix A - NOP and Initial StudySan Miguel Community Plan

Public Review Draft

The Public Review Draft document (released June 19, 2013) can be accessed at the following links:

Individual Chapters (smaller file sizes)

Draft EIR For The San Miguel Community Plan Update

            Draft EIR

Individual Chapters (smaller file sizes)

    Other Documents


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    The County Planning and Building Department and the City and Regional Planning Department at California Polytechnic State University are teaming up to update the San Miguel Community Plan. The last comprehensive update to the community plan was in 1981. When adopted by the County, the plan will help shape new growth, enhance the quality of life, and bring new vitality to San Miguel. The San Miguel Community Plan update is a comprehensive, community-based. The plan will address these general areas: 
    • community vision, goals, and needs
    • population growth
    • mix of housing types and densities
    • land use needs and desires
    • transportation needs, including a traffic and circulation analysis
    • infrastructure needs and financing
    • economic development opportunities and alternatives
    • public and health services
    • commercial and residential multi-family design standards
    • opportunities for attracting new employment centers
    • protection of important agricultural lands and activities in the surrounding area
    • protection of important plant and animal habitats in the surrounding area
    • ways to implement the plan and programs

    What's New? 

    Camp Roberts Joint Land Use Study  (JLUS)

    The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a collaborative effort between the military and local government.  The main goal is to avoid land use conflicts on land surrounding a military installation, in this case, Camp Roberts.  The JLUS is separate from the San Miguel Community Plan, but the two documents will need to be coordinated with one another. Click here to visit the JLUS website.


    San Miguel overlies the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin.  The basin is large, and extends from San Ardo to south of Atascadero, and as far east as Cholame.  The basin has been certified at a Level of Severity III (the most serious level), which indicates that the basin is at or approaching its "perennial yield."  

    Community Plan Update Progress 

    As of Aug 5, 2016

    1 General Plan Authorization DONE
    2 Administrative Draft (Cal Poly) DONE
    3 Technical Study Proposals DONE
    4 Prepare Technical Studies DONE
    5 Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report DONE
    6 Draft Community Plan Released to the Public DONE
    7 Environmental Scoping Meeting DONE
    8 Draft Environmental Impact Report DONE
    9 Planning Commission Hearings Fall 2016
    10 Board of Supervisors Hearings Late 2016

    Opportunities for Input

    The County's aim is for the San Miguel Community Plan Update to be a consensus-driven community-supported plan that will encourage future economic growth.  In addition to the three workshops conducted by Cal Poly students in 2010 and 2011, there have been several additional opportunities to provide feedback, as well as several opportunities in the future:

    • Public Comment on the Public Review Draft Community Plan. A workshop and environmental scoping meeting were conducted in Summer 2013.
    • Summer 2013 Scoping MeetingA scoping meeting was held in San Miguel to give residents an opportunity to contribute information about potential environmental impacts and alternative land uses.
    • Participation through San Miguel Forward and the San Miguel Advisory Council. The Board of Supervisors relies on input from the San Miguel Advisory Council (SMAC) in considering plans and policies that affect the town. The Advisory Council formed a subcommittee – San Miguel Forward Collaborative. Information is available at If you are interested in the future of your town, consider participating in San Miguel Forward meetings, or perhaps volunteer to start a subcommittee focused on a particular topic or issue.
    • Commenting on the Environmental Impact Report. The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is now available for public review. Any written comments submitted on the EIR will receive a written response to be published in the Final EIR.
    • Commenting during the Hearings. After all the preceding steps are complete and the Community Plan is ready for hearing, you will have opportunities to provide both written and oral comments before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors take action.

    You can also submit comments in writing, by email, or by fax at any time.   


    Brian Pedrotti, AICP, Long Range Planning
    976 Osos Street, Room 300
    San Luis Obispo, Calif.  93408
    phone:  (805) 788-2788
    fax:  (805) 781-5624

    We are also developing a list of people interested in receiving communications about the San Miguel Community Plan.  If you would like to be included, please provide us with your email address.