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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Community-Specific Guidelines


Los Osos

Los Osos Groundwater Basin Retrofit Ordinances:

Effective March 2014 retrofit credits must come from homes inside the groundwater basin but outside of the prohibition zone. Click here for a larger version of the map showing the prohibition zone and basin boundaries.

To help those searching for retrofit credits, the County has identified addresses for owners of homes built prior to 1994 that according to our records have not participated in a County-run retrofit program. This does not guarantee that the homes still have older plumbing fixtures, but provides a list of potential retrofit candidates. Home owners were notified via postcard and given the option to be removed from the list.

To obtain a copy of the list, please contact Megan Martin at or (805) 781-4163.

Washing Machine Retrofits

In 2016, washing machine replacements were added as a source of water savings that can be counted toward the Title 19 Retrofit for New Construction (2:1 water offset requirement)


Nipomo Groundwater Basin Retrofit Ordinance:

Paso Robles

Santa Margarita