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San Luis Obispo County, California


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The purpose of the environmental review process is to provide information about the environmental effects of the actions and decisions made by the County, so that environmental considerations become a part of the decision making process. The following is a summary of the most recent determinations made by the County's Environmental Coordinator. The purpose of this listing is to notify the public of pending actions which may affect the environment in San Luis Obispo County.

You are invited to participate in this process by reviewing and providing comments on the recommendations of the Environmental Coordinator. Your comments should be in writing and should be delivered to:

Ellen Carroll, Environmental Coordinator

Department of Planning and Building

976 Osos Street, Room 300

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408-2040

For more information about the environmental review process, please write to the address above or call us at (805) 781-5600

What is a Negative Declaration?

The term "Negative Declaration" is sometimes misunderstood. A Negative Declaration is a statement that a project will not create significant environmental harm, or that environmental damage has been mitigated to a less-than-significant level.


Proposed Negative Declarations
Notices Reports


What is an Environmental Impact Report?

When an Initial Study shows that a project might significantly damage the environment, CEQA requires that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be prepared. An EIR is an informational document to be used by the public and by decision-makers when making choices about projects.


Environmental Impact Reports and Major Projects

Environmental Appeal/Request for Review

San Luis Obispo County encourages public participation in all phases of the environmental review process. Anyone who has questions about any part of this process is invited to contact the Environmental Division of the Planning Department at 805-781-5600 to discuss your concerns. If your questions cannot be answered to your satisfaction over the phone, the Environmental Coordinator or a representative will meet with you to address your questions.

If the Environmental Coordinator has proposed the adoption of a Negative Declaration for a project, and you do not feel that your concerns have been adequately addressed by discussing the issues with the Coordinator, you may appeal the proposed Negative Declaration. Your request will be heard at the same time that a decision to approve or deny the project is made.

The Environmental Appeal must be submitted in writing (use the form below) and must be submitted within 14 days after the Negative Declaration is proposed. Call Environmental Coordinator (805) 781-5028 for current fee.

Appeal of a Proposed Negative Declaration Adobe Acrobat icon