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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Price Canyon Oilfield Project (Sentinel Peak Resources) - DRC2012-00035


Phase IV Development. In 2005 Phase IV of the Arroyo Grande oil field development was approved, which allowed 95 new oil wells. 64 of these wells have been installed. On October 22, 2015 the Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit by Freeport-McMoRan to allow 3 additional years to drill the remaining, previously approved oil wells (up to 31 wells). This decision has been appealed to the Board of Supervisors by the Center for Biological Diversity. County Staff is currently reviewing the appeal and has not yet scheduled a hearing before the Board of Supervisors. Please contact John McKenzie, the County Project Manager, at (805) 781-5452 for additional information. For additional information, see also the ‘Historical Documents’ and ‘Phase IV Development’ folders below.

Under a separate grading permit application (PMT2014-01980), Freeport-McMoRan is also proposing to replace an existing creek crossing structure across Pismo Creek.

Proposed Phase V Expansion. Request by Sentinel Peak Resources (previously Freeport McMoran Oil & Gas), for a Conditional Use Permit to allow for Phase V development, which would be to expand production of an existing oil field and include the following elements: addition of 8 new well pads, modification of 33 existing pads and the use of other existing pads to provide for up to 450 new wells (oil, steam injection, re-injection, replacement); 100 of these new wells would be ‘replacement’ wells; installation of additional production and steam lines to the new wells; expansion of existing electrical power system; and replacement of one existing pipe bridge over Pismo Creek. This expansion is expected to increase daily oil production from the currently approved 5,000 barrels to 10,000 barrels. No hydraulic fracturing is proposed.. The project is located on both sides of Price Canyon Road, extending approximately one mile to the north and south of Ormonde Road, northeast of the City of Pismo Beach, in the San Luis Bay (inland) planning area. The Project Status Update document below provides a brief history and status of the project. Please contact John McKenzie, the County Project Manager, at (805) 781-5452 for additional information. Please also refer to the ‘Environmental’, ‘Historical Documents’ and ‘Planning’ folders below.