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San Luis Obispo County, California


Porter Minor Use Permit - DRC2013-00062

Proposed Minor Use Permit for drilling and testing of one exploratory oil/gas well on one existing pad. No fracking is proposed. Drilling pad and local access road currently exists. Access to public roads will use Alamo Creek Road to Highway 166, and then east or west (to Highway 101). No permanent facilities are proposed. 10-person drilling crews are expected during drilling activities. This work is expected to be completed within 3 months of initial drilling, where at such time this well would be closed.  No further oil related activities would be allowed on the site without  subsequent discretionary permit approval.The project is located about 1.75 miles north of Alamo Creek Road, approximately 3 miles north of Highway 166, east of the City of Santa Maria, in the Huasna-Lopez sub planning area. The Project Status Update document below provides a brief history and status of the project. Please contact John McKenzie, the County Project Manager, at (805) 781-5452 for additional information.