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San Luis Obispo County, California


Community Advisory Councils

2014 Community Advisory Council Training - Planning 101 Presentation

Community Advisory Councils are made up of residents from the area covered by the advisory group. They volunteer their time to represent community interests within the county processes. Staff refers projects that require use permits and subdivision requests to the councils for comments concerning community fit. Applicants can approach the councils with their project proposals prior to applying with the county for early input and recommendations. For information on the Advisory Councils for each area, meeting times and locations, click on the name of the area on the map below:

CAC Boundary Map

The Planning and Building Department has created a Community Advisory Council Handbook for San Luis Obispo County Community Advisory Council members to use as a guide to providing important feedback and recommendations on issues to the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission and the Department of Planning and Building. It identifies what an advisory council is, and its role in the planning process. It also offers suggestions on procedures and conduct of the advisory council.

One of the duties assigned to Community Advisory Councils is the responsibility to review general plan and development projects that are proposed in their community. Therefore, it is very important that the members both know and understand planning and land use policy and law. We've provided a training manual that explains the definition and purpose of planning, and some important aspects of planning. Annual Reports and formation guidelines are also provided, as well as maps showing each of the Community Advisory areas.

Below are links to reports showing active, discretionary land use permits for each Community Advisory area. These reports are updated monthly and are grouped by area.

North County
South County

Shandon Advisory Council Creston Advisory Body Santa Margarita Area Advisory Council Templeton Area Advisory Group North Coast Advisory Council Cayucos Citizens Advisory Council Los Osos Community Advisory Council Avila Valley Advisory Council Oceano Advisory Committee South County Advisory Council