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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Staff Directory

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Name Telephone
Marvin Rose, Interim Director +1-805-781-5708
Chris Macek, Secretary +1-805-781-5708
Ida Park, Administrative Assistant +1-805-781-4031
Karen Valine, Administrative Services Officer +1-805-781-5617
Bill Robeson, Deputy Director +1-805-781-5708
Hilary Brown, Administrative Assistant +1-805-788-2009
Cheryl Journey, Chief Building Official/Building Manager +1-805-781-1314
Art Trinidade, Building Division Supervisor +1-805-781-5705
Barry Tolle, Environmental Health Specialist +1-805-781-5628
Harley Voss, Resource Protection Specialist +1-805-788-2004
Ian N. Landreth, Resource Protection Specialist +1-805-781-5600
Jill Coomer, Resource Protection Specialist +1-805-788-2005
Marie Cullinane, Resource Protection Specialist +1-805-781-5704
Nicolas Buckley, Resource Protection Specialist +1-805-788-2006
Airlin Singewald, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5198
Brandi Cummings, Planner +1-805-781-1006
Cody Scheel, Planner +1-805-781-5157
Holly Phipps, Planner +1-805-781-1162
James Caruso, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5702
Jo Manson, Planner +1-805-781-4660
Karen Nall, Supervising Planner +1-805-781-5606
Kerry Brown, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5713
Michael Conger, Planner +1-805-781-5136
Nick Forester, Planner +1-805-781-1163
Schani Siong, Planner +1-805-781-4374
Stephanie Fuhs, Planner +1-805-781-5721
Steve Mc Masters, Supervising Planner +1-805-781-5096
Susan Callado, Planner +1-805-788-2714
Terry Wahler, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5621
Zarina Hackney, Planner +1-805-781-5029
Kate Shea, Planner +1-805-781-4097
Cindy Chambers, Planner +1-805-781-5608
Jane Kim, Planner +1-805-781-1391
Ann Gillespie, Storm Water Program Manager +1-805-781-5602
David Rose, Building Inspector +1-805-781-1537
Jeff Zukowski, Building Inspector +1-805-461-6260
Jesus Barron, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-5604
Michelle Freeman, Building Inspector +1-805-461-6199
Todd Adams, Building Inspector +1-805-781-5476
Dawna Davis, Building Inspector +1-805-781-5600
Crystal Cardona, Land Use Technician +1-805-781-1558
Donna Hawkins, Land Use Technician +1-805-781-4377
Kevin Method, Land Use Technicion +1-805-781-4167
Lauren Burrus, Building Inspector +1-805-781-5193
Michael Stoker, Building Division Supervisor +1-805-781-1543
Jason Luhn, Building Division Supervisor +1-805-781-5707
Sue Kowal, Land Use Technician +1-805-781-5616
Bobbie Baxter, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-5605
Charles Riha, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-5630
Cheryl Kleiman, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-5626
Elizabeth Szwabowski, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-5725
Kelly Walsh, Administrative Assistant +1-805-781-5977
Cammie Dalen, Administrative Assistant +1-805-781-1589
Martin Mofield, Building Division Supervisor +1-805-781-5629
Matt Varvel, Building Inspector +1-805-781-1536
Sylvia Aldana, Plans Examiner +1-805-781-4671
Ellen Carroll, Division Manager Current and Environmental +1-805-781-5028
Donna Hernandez, Administrative Assistant +1-805-788-2947
Nicole Retana, Secretary +1-805-781-5718
Ramona Hedges, Supervising Administrative Clerk +1-805-781-5612
Ann Webb, Accounting Technician +1-805-781-5979
Soutsida Inpravongviengkham, Accountant +1-805-781-4378
Tracy Wanek, Accountant +1-805-781-4158
Brett Bishop, Building Inspector +1-805-781-5617
Jon Griesser, Supervising Planner +1-805-781-5611
Jordan Garbayo, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5611
Suzy Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant +1-805-781-5708
Chris Read, Planner +1-805-781-1172
Wesley Drysdale, Administrative Services Manager +1-805-781-5610
Ivana Yeung, Planner +1-805-781-4099
Matthew Leal, Planner +1-805-781-5113
Ryan Hostetter, Supervising Planner +1-805-788-2351
Ted Bench, Senior Planner +1-805-781-5701
Tony Navarro, Planner +1-805-781-5787
Jeffery Legato, GIS Analyst +1-805-781-5102
Ryan Foster, Supervising Planner +1-805-781-5620
Brian Pedrotti, Senior Planner +1-805-788-2788
Jacqueline Protsman, Planner +1-805-781-4979
Jay Johnson, Senior Planner +1-805-781-4573
Megan Martin, Supervising Planner +1-805-781-4163
Rob Fitzroy, Deputy Director +1-805-781-5708
Sara Sanders, Planner +1-805-781-1397
Matt Janssen, Division Manager +1-805-781-5104