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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Map Image Download Center

Welcome to the County Department of Planning & Building Map Image Download Center for General Plan maps and Geographic Information System maps.  We have an extensive library of our most frequently requested maps available here for free.  Our most recent addition to the website is a complete set of Land Use maps organized by Planning Area and located within our Land Use & Zoning section.


Land Use and Zoning

Get Land Use Maps

Land Use and Combining Designation maps for Urban and Rural areas of the county.  These maps are organized by Planning Area.  This page also has links to incorporated Cities within the County.


Natural Hazard Disclosure Maps

Get Natural Hazard Disclosure Maps

These maps depict natural hazards such as earthquake fault zones, fire hazard zones, flood hazard areas, dam failure inundation areas.



Safety Element Maps

Get Safety Element Maps

This is a collection of hazard maps from the award winning San Luis Obispo County Safety Element.  The Safety Element can be found by following this link .



Natural Resource Maps

Get Natural Resources Maps

These maps show natural resources within the County such as vegetation, water, and minerals and others.


Miscellaneous County Maps

Get Miscellaneous County Maps

This page has maps that don't fit within any of the other categories.  They display things like political boundaries, county features, economic related maps, and Google Earth presentations, etc.


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