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San Luis Obispo County, California


Miscellaneous County Maps

This is a collection of useful maps that do not fit within the other mapping categories. 

Political Boundaries




U.S. House of Representatives Districts

Planning Areas / Coastal Zone / Supv. Districts



Los Osos Prohibition Zone Map

County School Districts


Los Osos Prohibition Zone Boundary


Community Advisory Committee Maps


Avila Valley Advisory Council
Cayucos Citizen Advisory Council
Creston Community Advisory Committee
Los Osos Community Advisory Council
North Coast Advisory Council
Oceano Advisory Committee
San Miguel Community Advisory Council
Santa Margarita Area Advisory Council
Shandon Advisory Committee
South County Advisory Council
Templeton Advisory Committee
All CACs with Land Use

County Area Advisory Committee Referral Map

County Features



County Roads

County Relief Map


County Road Map


Vacation Rentals

Cambria Vacation Rentals



Vacation Rentals in Cambria and Cayucos



cell site thumb

Wireless Communications Facilities


Drainage Plans

Los Osos Drainage Area Thumb


Cambria Drainage Areas Map Thumb

Los Osos Drainage Plan Areas


Cambria Drainage Plan Areas

Nipomo Drainage Areas Thumb



Nipomo Drainage Plan Areas






Google Earth Files

These files are meant to be opened in Google Earth.  You MUST have the latest version of Google Earth installed in order to view these files.  Right-click on the file or picture and save them to your local hard drive.  Then open them from your local hard drive.  If you need to install Google Earth visit

Cayucos Ridgeline Study - Board Presentation 08-21-07

Cayucos Viewshed Study - Board Presentation 8-21-07



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