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San Luis Obispo County, California


Mapping Data


GIS County Seal The San Luis Obispo County Planning and Building Department utilizes multiple data formats when creating maps and publishing data.  We provide much of this data to the public for free.  Be aware that much of this data requires specialized software in order to view it.  If you don't have the software or don't know how to load the data you should visit our Interactive GIS Website where this data is available to view without requiring anything more than a web browser.

Looking for SLO County GIS Data?

SLO County Open Data Site - Data repository for all publically available SLO County GIS Data:

REST Services

San Luis Obispo County has public facing REST Services that can be consumed by GIS software and applications. The REST services can be accessed through this website:

Online Zoning Information Lookup

Use Permit View to look up zoning information by Assessors Parcel Number or by street address.  After learning which zone the property is located in you can refer to the County's Land Use Ordinance or Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance to find information about what uses are allowed by visiting our Ordinance library.

External Data Sources

Visit the Links page for a list of sites that contain other, non-county data and maps.  For instance if you are looking for Community Service District Boundaries or other special districts you should visit the Local Agency Formation Commission website.  Topographic maps with contour lines can be found on the USGS website. 

San Luis Obispo County GIS File Requirements

Any geographic information electronically mapped as part of any County project shall be provided as a .SHP file, a format compatible with ESRI’s ArcView GIS software program, and shall be registered to the California State Plane NAD 83, Zone 5 coordinate system, units in feet. A .PRJ file shall be included reflecting this coordinate system.  

All .SHP files submitted shall include sufficient metadata compatible with the ArcCatalog .XML format. This metadata shall include at minimum the following:

  • An abstract containing a brief narrative summary of the data set including levels of accuracy and methods of data capture.
  • Purpose for creating the data with a summary of the intentions with which the data set was developed
  • Citation including the name of the organization and/or individual that developed the dataset
  • Maintenance requirements noting the frequency with which changes (if any are necessary) are made to the data set after the initial data set is completed
  • Theme key words associated with the data set
  • Contact information for the creator of the data set and for the creator of the metadata
  • Date the data was published

Descriptive text, thoroughly defining all features within each mapped data set, shall be incorporated into the data attribute tables. If codes or abbreviations were used for data attributes then a .LYR or other document explaining the codes shall be included. If maps were created in ArcView a .MXD file shall be included showing proper final map layout with any necessary symbolization. Map symbology shall be provided in a .LYR file which the County can import into any subsequent maps if desired.

Please read this disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure that this data is accurate and reliable, the County of San Luis Obispo does not assume liability for any damages caused by any errors or omissions in the data, nor as a result of the failure of the data to function on a particular system. The County of San Luis Obispo makes no warranty, express or implied, that this data is accurate and reliable, nor does the fact of distribution constitute such a warranty. Users must assume responsibility to determine the appropriate use of these data. The County of San Luis Obispo provides this data to you for your exclusive use. This data may not be given away, sold or otherwise distributed to any third party without express written permission from the County of San Luis Obispo.