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Where to get your COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are widely available and free of charge at local pharmacies, Public Health clinics, and mobile clinics in SLO County.

To schedule a vaccine appointment at a Public Health Clinic, call 805-781-5500.

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Looking for the new boosters?

Pharmacies and health care providers are offering the new, updated boosters across the county, and so is Public Health! Check out our mobile clinic schedule.


Looking for vaccines for children ages four and younger?

  • Pediatricians: Your pediatrician's office is a great first stop. Call for an appointment or for answers to questions about the vaccine.

  • Pharmacies (ages 3+): Some pharmacies are offering vaccine to children as young as three. Check 1-800-232-0233 or call ahead to your local pharmacy.

  • Public Health Clinics: Our Public Health clinics have appointments available for this age group. Call (805) 781-5500 to schedule, or request online.


Type of Vaccine

Vaccine types vary by day and clinic location. View the vaccine types being offered at our Public Health clinics, or talk to your local pharmacy or health care provider to see what they offer.

Remember:  Children and teens (under age 18) need proof of age and an accompanying adult at their appointment.  

Fact Sheets:


Recommended Vaccine Schedules

Wondering if you are up to date or due for a dose of vaccine? Check out these recommended vaccine schedules by age.


Boosters and Additional Doses

For some viruses, the protection we receive from a vaccine starts to wane over time. Booster doses help maintain strong protection against the virus and protect your health.

Read more about boosters


Lost your vaccine card?

To get a new vaccine card, walk in to any one of our vaccine-providing Public Health clinics, bring your photo I.D., and the team there can re-write you a new one. 

You can also access a digital copy if you got vaccinated in CA. If you want to share your proof of vaccination, you can either use the digital version or the card you were given at the time of your vaccination.

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Vaccine Progress

How are we doing as a County?See our vaccination progress so far.   

See our vaccine stats


Vaccines FAQs

Where can I get the vaccine? What symptoms can I expect after? See our frequently asked questions around vaccines to learn more.

See vaccine FAQs


More Questions about the Vaccines?

Questions are normal. Call your doctor for more info or contact us and ask to speak to a Public Health nurse. We'll make sure you have the answers you need.