Creek near Avila Beach overflowing with Water.

Major storm on track to impact San Luis Obispo County

Author: County OES
Date: 1/8/2023 8:07:16 PM

The National Weather Service has a high degree of confidence that San Luis Obispo County is expected to receive potentially upwards of four inches of rain Monday into Tuesday of this week. The County of San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services is coordinating with local and state partners to monitor the incoming storm and ensure jurisdictions are prepared. 

Storm Update: January 9th, 2023 2:15 pm

This storm will bring the potential for localized flooding, high winds, power outages, and strong surf conditions. During the storm, residents and visitors should avoid rivers, streams, and low-lying areas as a rapid rise in water levels may occur. Pay attention to weather forecasts, emergency alerts, and instructions from local officials and avoid non-essential travel during the storm. 

“We strongly encourage residents of our county to prepare now, before the storm hits,” said Emergency Services Manager Scott Jalbert, “don’t wait until it is too late.” 

  • Ensure you have flashlights and extra batteries.
  • Charge electronic devices and have a back-up external battery on hand.
  • Stock an emergency supply kit for your home and your vehicle.
  • Keep your vehicle’s gas tank half-full or more.
  • Store important documents and valuables in waterproof containers and move them to higher levels of your home.
  • Clean out gutters and get sand and sandbags if your home is prone to flooding. 

For more storm preparation information and locations to obtain sand and sandbags, visit Follow the County of San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services on Twitter @slocountyoes and