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Residents are encouraged to prepare now for incoming storms

Author: County OES
Date: 1/11/2023 2:20:54 PM

Residents are being encouraged to prepare for further incoming storms.

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The County of San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services is strongly encouraging residents to start preparing now for the next wave of storms expected to hit on Friday, January 13. While this storm is expected to bring less rainfall than we experienced this week (1-2 inches possible), current ground saturation and storm damage leaves many areas extremely vulnerable.“Start hardening your property now,” said Emergency Services Manager Scott Jalbert, “Clear out previous storm damage, ensure you have sandbags if you are prone to flooding, and stock your pantry with enough non-perishable food and water for 72 hours.”

If you live in an area prone to flooding, have a plan in place on where to go if you need to evacuate. Include your pets and animals. Keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle and an emergency supply kit in the vehicle. If you need sandbags, locations to buy sandbags and obtain free sand are available on

The area south of the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee is still under an Evacuation Order due to the storms earlier this week. Detailed maps of the areas affected are available on

For additional storm and recovery information, visit Follow the County of San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services on Twitter @slocountyoes and